When Plagued with a Homework Free Vacation… 

That’s It?

What do you do when faced with days of spare time? How do you choose to fill those empty moments?

When school is your identity and school is your future, you pour your heart and soul into every assignment each and every day until your fingers twitch without an essay to write or a sheet to fill with notes.

This Winter break, I find myself without anything to do. College apps are in, I’m more or less caught up with my online work, my principle declared this week “homework free” and for once in my high school career, I feel like I’m caught up. This is freedom… right?

Well, if that’s so, then why do I still feel like there’s a to do list hidden somewhere with a hundred things to do.

Suddenly, every project I had sitting on the back burner, lukewarm, that I’ve been waiting since September 1st to work on feels like a chore.

This Christmas Eve, as I’m supposed to be lying in bed and wishing for presents to pile up beneath the tree as I sleep, I find myself making a list and checking it twice, though it has nothing to do with who’s naughty or nice. On my list, there are a collection of things for me do–fun things. This is a list that holds nothing for me to be afraid of.

My list:

  • Cuddle up by the fireplace with a nice Gingerbread latte and read a good book (or two)
  • Go café hopping with a good friend
  • Find a new bookstore and take the time to browse
  • Work on my scrapbook– cement those memories with paper and glue
  • Bake something ridiculously unhealthy and enjoy eating it
  • Practice my Russian and finally get around to translating that Pushkin poem
  • Catch up on Marvel movies (Infinity wars is coming!)
  • Do some yoga
  • Take a walk
  • Write some poetry and learn how to doodle better
  • Write a blogpost (check!)

Everything on this list sounds amazing, though I have a nagging suspicion it would be hard to complete in six days. Nevertheless, it now exists.

It’s out there, floating around in some internet oblivion for me to stumble across one homework filled evening when I need to remember that lists are just fun.

Nothing on this list takes a long time to do. Nothing on this list requires long periods of planning. Nothing’s stopping me from taking small chunks of time out of busy days and getting some of these things done.

So, as my favorite bloggers Damon and Jo would say, it’s time to Shut up and Go.

Happy Holidays,


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